Vanessa Morris

Principal investigator

I joined the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Canterbury in late 2018, completing my world tour after working and studying in Australia, Germany and Canada. I am interested in proteins that form large aggregates as part of their function or as a pathological process.

Christoph Göbl

Principal investigator

I am a research fellow at the Center for Free Radical Research at the University of Otago, Christchurch and I am working in the field of redox biology and oxidative stress signalling in cancers. Vanessa and I work together on the amyloid formation mechanism of the tumor suppressor protein p16.

Sarah Heath

PhD student with Christoph Göbl

Sarah is working on the mechanism of p16 fibril formation.

Dylan Goldsmith

PhD student

Dylan is working on structural studies of the Alzheimer’s-disease risk factor TREM2.

Abigail Schwartfeger

Honours student

Abigail is carrying our her Honours research project looking at ligand-activated transcription factors together with Christoph.

Shelby Gray

Masters student

Shelby is working on investigating how p16 mutations alter fibril formation.

Emilie Hamzah

Honours student

Emilie is looking at fibril formation of the protein p18.

Jemima Ganderton

Masters student

Jemima is carrying out her Masters looking at methods to detect alpha synuclein in biofluids, co-supervised by Prof. John Dalrymple-Alford in Psychology.

Siddhant Kumar

PhD student

Siddhant finally made it into the country, and is working on interactions of the microglial receptor TREM2.

Former group members

Madison Hill

Undergraduate project student

Madi worked on amyloid beta interactions during two undergraduate projects and her summer scholarship in summer 2019/2020. She is now carrying out her Honours year with Prof. Mark Hampton and Dr Leon Symth at the University of Otago, Christchurch

Jennifer Naughton

Honours student with Christoph Göbl

Jenni did her Honours project on investigating p16 fibrils using mass spectrometry.

The team at a recent lunch out.